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Use Shopicam's embedded interactive video to drive sales online.On average Shopicam clients see a 42% higher conversion rate over what they saw prior to using Shopicam.Book your free consultation call to supersize your sales with video.Ecommerce Tech Subscribers save 20% on Shopicam forever!Sign up below for a 14 day free trial no credit card required! When you are ready to subscribe use the promo code ECOM22 and you will save 20% off any of our monthly plans.


of consumers and 85% of millennials say they've purchased a product or service after watching a video, according to Brightcove's “Video Marketing Survey".

What is Shopicam?

Shopicam is an interactive video player embedded in your current website.The player can be set up as a chat bubble, pop-up, or a traditional-style video.Shopicam allows you to upload existing videos or create new videos within the app.You can also add a buy now button, a link to contact you, a link to an upsell opportunity, or really anything!

Why The Chat Bubble?

It’s simple. People are used to looking to the bottom of a page to chat for more information.By delivering video in that space, you are providing that extra information before they can even ask for it. It is anticipating your customers needs and in turn driving conversions.

Client Use Case

Diamond Furniture

Diamond Furniture is a leading Irish manufacture and retailer. They are utilizing Shopicam to showcase their WILL & CO products.

Why Shopicam

Its Easy to Install

With our app for Shopify, Google Tag Manager integration, or our copy/paste two lines of code it is easy for technical and non technical people to set up Shopicam.If you get stuck, don't worry. Our dedicated success managers are available to help.

Proven Delivery Methods

Consumers are conditioned to look down on a page for a chat bubble.By having the player opposite of that you can attract their attention.We put over two years of research and design tests to develop the perfect bubble size and position for maximum engagement.

Detailed Analytics

Our analytics suite shows you how many times the video has been played, and what sort of device it was played on.Want to track ROI? It is simple just put in your product cost and conversion rate. That is it! No Ph.D. in data science is needed.

We Love to Talk to Our Customers

Want a personalized demo? Want to talk video to drive sales? So do we!Book your complementary strategy session with us!

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